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Belgian Beer Cafe Membership Tiers
05 Aug 2016

The Belgian Beer Cafe Melbourne launched its Membership Club in May 2016.

The Belgian seeks to reward its many locals and encourage other regular customers to become locals with this tier-based loyalty programme that rewards consistent loyalty.

Membership is free and one need only fill out a simple form to receive a Membership card on the spot and start saving immediately.

There are four tiers and new Members start as Red Members before graduating through Gold, Black, and, finally, Platinum. Discounts for each tier vary as laid out below.

Red - $0 to $1000 = 5% discount

Gold - $1001 to $2500 = 10% discount

Black - $2500 to 5000 = 15% discount

Platinum - $5001 onwards = 20% discount

Members\' annual spends are zeroed at the beginning of every new calendar year but their tier remains the same.


Learn to Pour Belgian Beer
11 Mar 2015


Do you have an interest in beer?

Would you like to start building your knowledge?

Do you want to introduce your co-workers or friends to the wonderful world of beer?

Of course you do and here’s your chance…………….

Take a one hour training course with one of our in-house Belgian beer guys, and learn about our exclusive Belgian tap beers, and an introduction to their history.

We will show you the traditional 9 step pour and you’ll get a chance to pour your own perfect Stella! Everything that’s poured on the day is available to consume.

Available for groups of 5 to 20 people. Cost: $25 per person

For more information please contact one of our team at:

Meet The Brewer: Kaiju!
23 Feb 2015

Meet The Brewer: Kaiju!


Kaiju! are all about the influences of Godzilla on craft beer in Australia. Hailing from Melbournes South East, when not reading Manga, Nat, Callum and Clara are picking up awards, like the Peoples Pint Award for Best Brewery at last yearsGood Beer Week.

Come and join Nat and Callum as they guide you through the processes and thinking behind their wonderful local brews, and have your tough questions ready!

Five courses of these great beers matched with tasty treats from the Belgians very talented kitchen crew.

$65 per person

Bookings can be made via

Saturday 7th March from 3:00 – 5:00pm

Upstairs at the Belgian Beer Cafe Melbourne

5 Riverside Quay, Southbank Victoria, 3006 


 For more Information contact Ej, Nick or Scott on

(03) 9690 5777 or




Know what's on tap with the Now Tapped app
26 Nov 2014

Now TappedWith the Now Tapped app you'll always know what we've currently got on tap at the Belgian Beer Café. As soon as we put a new beer on it'll be updated on the app. Download the app for either Apple or Android and search for Belgian Beer Café. It's as easy as that to keep your finger on the pulse and get your hands on some great beer.

Download for Android

Download for Apple