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Crafty Pint

There’s a beer revolution going on in Australia. Across the country, dozens
 of microbreweries are crafting unique beers where not long ago once there
 was barely a handful. The days of choice meaning draught or light are long
 gone as new styles are created, exciting flavours kegged and ancient recipes 
rediscovered and reinvented. The Crafty Pint is here to help you navigate 
this brave new world. It will tell you who’s brewing what and where to find 
them. It will highlight the bars and bottle shops that are throwing their
 weight behind homegrown craft beers. And it will also bring you updates on 
the latest one-off specialty beers and all the best beer-related events as 
well as original writing on beer from both sides of the bar.

Nowhere in the world is beer culture changing so fast with The Crafty Pint
 on your side, you won’t be left behind.

The Malvern Hotel

The Malvern Hotel was built in 1853 and is the oldest hotel in the Malvern 
district. In August 2009, the next chapter in the history of the Malvern 
Hotel began when Michael & Susan Burke and Ken Price took over ownership of 
the hotel. Taking great pride in the excellence of their food, beverage and service; the team at the Malvern Hotel looks forward to welcoming you for your next meal, drink or function.